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We serve a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals looking to diversify their portfolio to sophisticated private equity groups. We do the digging so that you can quickly make targeted offers on your next acquisition.

Our Process

A steady stream of deals in 4 easy steps

Endless searches on the interwebs are probably not your highest and best use

Custom Intake

Fill out our acquisition search form or submit a video to us to provide specific details

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We Research

Our research team gets to work finding both on and off market target acquisitions

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Leads Delivered

Within one week, leads will begin being provided to you on a daily basis

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If applicable (based on your plan), we reach out and provide an introduction

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Real-Time Access

On and off-market targets perfectly curated for you

You need leads that fit your investment criteria, and Curators delivers week after week - we even update your personalized database on a daily basis with new information on best-fit targets.

People Are Saying Nice Things

Our clients love us, and we think you will too

"Curators provided a consistent source of qualified acquisition targets to our pipeline. We saw an immediate increase in our conversions and acquisition discussions, and closed the first two deals within a few weeks!
Arthur De Roey
Business Development, M&A
"This is exactly what we've been looking for. It's hard to find high quality targets using interns or software, which is why Curators has been the right solution for us.
Sam Thompson
Owner, Proven Ventures

Choose the plan that works for you

Three different pricing models that flex to what you need


We do the grunt work and you take it from there.


*No Long Term Commitment

Features include:

  • 20 Curated Leads / Mo

  • Email Correspondence

  • $150 / Each Engagement Credit

  • No Additional Meetings


For those that need a more personal touch. We go beyond the basics and provide the whole enchilada.


*3 month minimum

  • 20 Curated Leads / Mo

  • 5 Engagement Credits / Mo

  • $100 / Each Additional Credit

  • Monthly Strategy Meetings

First Class

Need a more thorough service? This is the VIP experience.


*3 month minimum

  • 20 Curated Leads / Mo

  • Weekly Strategy Meeting

  • 10 Engagement Credits

  • $75 / Each Additonal Credit

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Features include:

  • Awesome feature

  • Awesome feature

  • Awesome feature

Plan name

This is a description of the awesome plan we offer.


Features include:

  • Awesome feature

  • Awesome feature

  • Awesome feature

Plan name

This is a description of the awesome plan we offer.


Features include:

  • Awesome feature

  • Awesome feature

  • Awesome feature


You've got questions, and we have the answers.

Do you charge a fee on the backend or "closing" fee?

We do not charge a backend or closing fee like a traditional broker would. We believe our monthly subscription model aligns us with our clients. If you choose to share a cut of a deal you close that originated as a lead from us as a bonus, we are more than happy to accept it.

Where do you find leads?

We find the leads through a variety of methods and focus on off-market leads primarily. We tend to try and avoid sending broker listings, unless they are aged or unique.

Can you help me find SBA eligible businesses?

Yes, we are well versed in what SBA lenders look for in a business. While we cannot guarantee that the lenders will give you a loan, we can help provide high quality leads that could be SBA eligible.

I can do this myself. Why would I use Curators?

We search worldwide on your behalf, have a proven system, utilize a specific series of tools, and boast a pretty killer track record of providing high quality acquisition targets. While you can do that yourself, we save you time, frustration and money by having a proven method that can give you better results.

What is an "Engagement Credit"?

An engagement credit means that a Business or First Class level client has reviewed leads and has approved certain leads for direct engagement by the Curators team.

What types of assets will you provide leads for?

Yes! We can help you find websites and other alternative assets, digital or physical. However, we are not focused on real estate leads. We would be more than happy to direct you to those in our network that specialize in finding investment properties.

Do you provide contact data with the leads?

When contact information is available, we will provide it. However, this is not a guaranteed portion of our service.

Do you provide metrics or financial statistics?

When available and found while searching, we provide estimated metrics. We cannot guarantee the validity of these metrics, and it's up to you to do your due diligence to verify any and all metrics or financial data.

Do you provide acquisition financing?

We do not provide financing, but can connect you to various relevant parties in our network.

Can you help me find other acquisition-related professionals?

Yes, we can help you find potential attorneys, accountants, operators, and lenders to help you with your acquisition.

Are you a broker?

No, we are just a data provider of potential acquisition targets. It's up to our clients to both close and finance them.

Are you a financial advisor?

No. We provide commentary with the leads, but we are not a financial advisor nor do we provide investment advice.

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